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Bioenergy Connection
2013 Vol. 2.3 Magazine

Cover Story: Forest Bioenergy: Is It Sustainable?


From the Executive Director
Facing the Challenge
By Heather Youngs

The Exploding RIN: Friend or Foe?
By Jim Lane and Elaine Herscher

RIN Fraud
By Elaine Herscher

The Cover Story: Forest Bioenergy: Is It Sustainable?
Into the Woods: Turning to Forests for Energy
We’ll soon have more forests than we did 100 years ago. Can healthy forests and bioenergy coexist?
By Judith Horstman, M.L.A.

Tangled Up in Green: What's the Best Way to Certify that Forest Biomass is Sustainable?
Forests and the controversy over sustainability certification
By Greg Breining and Judith Horstman

Evan Delucia: "Why I'm a Grass Guy"
To ecologist Evan Delucia, tall grasses are a better feedstock than forests. Here’s why
By Laurie Udesky

Biomass Boom: Threat or Opportunity for Southern Forests?
Biomass is hot in the U.S. South, where 90 percent of the woods are privately owned, but sustainability concerns run high
By Chris Woolston, M.S.

Planning a Future Forest
Building resilience for “energy trees” as temperatures change
By Greg Breining

Other Features
Interview: Fateful Milestone of the Keeling Curve
As carbon dioxide in the atmosphere edges up to 400 ppm, a level not seen since prehistoric times, we interview Ralph Keeling about his father’s legacy
By Peter Jaret, M.A.

Climate Change 101
It may be the most alarming issue of our times, but almost no one can explain what causes it.
By Peter Jaret, M.A.

The Briefing
A Guide to Life-Cycle Assessment, Part 2:
The Evolving Role of LCA in Bioenergy Policy
By Drs. Caroline Taylor and Marcelle McManus

The Connections
From Bio...
Shrub Willow: Coming to Marginal Land Near You

...To Fuel
Cellulosic Diesel from Pine Wood Chips


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